Camilla Brown

Meet Me in the Present
Documents and their Afterlives

Meet Me in the Present: Documents and their Afterlives is an exercise in collaboration and social exchange, written and edited by postgraduate students on the Critical Writing in Art and Design programme at the Royal College of Art. The book calls for public spaces, and for public ideas in an age when ‘the commons’ is increasingly under attack. A collection of essays, this publication explores the diverse ways in which documents produced by marginalized groups and traces left by radical political actions have been collected, preserved and, sometimes, displayed. What kind of archival practices keep the material traces and documents of past events and experiences alive and effective today?

174 pages with illustrations
Edited by Alex Quicho, Camilla Brown, Hatty Nestor, Laura Fava, Sarah Thacker, and Zachary Soudan
Design by Tom Finn and Jake Tollady
Published by the Royal College of Art (2017)
ISBN 978-1-910642-23-8

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